Can you fly from cyprus to athens?

Yes, you can fly from Cyprus to Athens.

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Yes, you can fly from Cyprus to Athens. There are several airline options when it comes to taking a flight from Cyprus to Athens, with the most popular being Aegean Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Wizz Air, and Ryanair. The flight takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, making it a convenient option for those looking to travel between the two destinations.

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Some interesting facts about Cyprus and Athens include:

  • Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, with a rich history dating back to ancient times.
  • Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history spanning over 3,400 years.
  • Athens is known for its iconic landmarks, such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
  • Cyprus is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and warm Mediterranean climate.
  • Greek and Turkish Cypriots have lived on the island of Cyprus for centuries, with the island being divided by a UN buffer zone since 1974.

Here is a table of the airlines and their flights from Cyprus to Athens:

Airline Flight No. Departure Time Arrival Time
Aegean Airlines A3 103 09:45 11:15
Cyprus Airways CY 351 11:20 12:50
Wizz Air W6 4795 12:05 13:35
Ryanair FR 9293 14:50 16:20

In conclusion, flying from Cyprus to Athens is easy and convenient with several airlines offering flights between the two destinations. With a rich history and stunning scenery, both Cyprus and Athens are worth exploring. As Mark Twain said, “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.”

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