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The Cyprus pound is no longer in circulation and the official currency in Cyprus is now the Euro. As of 2021, 1 Euro is equivalent to approximately 477 Nigerian Naira.

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The Cyprus pound was the currency of Cyprus from 1879 until 2008 when it was replaced by the Euro. At the time of its replacement, the exchange rate was set at 1 Euro = 0.585274 Cyprus pounds.

As of 2021, the official currency in Cyprus is the Euro and 1 Euro is roughly equivalent to 477 Nigerian Naira. It is important to note that the exchange rate between the Euro and Nigerian Naira may fluctuate and it’s best to check with reputable financial institutions for the latest exchange rates.

In the words of financial expert Dave Ramsey, “Currency represents faith in a country’s future and creditworthiness.” The change from the Cyprus pound to the Euro reflected the country’s transition to join the European Union and the benefits that come with it.

Interesting Facts About Cyprus Pounds:

  • The design on the Cypriot pound banknotes featured notable figures from Cyprus’ history including Archbishop Makarios III, the first President of Cyprus.
  • The highest denomination of a Cyprus pound banknote was 50 pounds.
  • The Cyprus pound was pegged to the British pound until 1972 when Cyprus gained independence.
  • Cyprus is known for its archeological sites including the Tomb of the Kings, which dates back to ancient Roman times.


Currency Exchange Rate
1 Euro 0.585274 CYP
1 Euro 477 NGN

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The video discusses the challenges of exchanging foreign currency in North Cyprus and provides several tips for viewers. It advises against bringing hard cash and instead recommends using wire transfers or bank cards to avoid black market exchange rates. Additionally, viewers are reminded of the benefits of exchanging currency in their home country before traveling and to ensure that any physical currency is clean and undamaged. As students are entitled to BTA, which allows for normal exchange rates on certain amounts, viewers are also encouraged to take advantage of this option.

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Convert Cypriot Pound to Nigerian Naira

1 CYP 1,465.39 NGN
5 CYP 7,326.95 NGN
10 CYP 14,653.9 NGN
25 CYP 36,634.8 NGN

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100 CYP 145.674 GBP
500 CYP 728.371 GBP
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How much is 1000 cypress currency in naira?
As an answer to this: 1000 Cypher is 2214.476 Nigerian Naira.
How much is 1 pound per Naira?
Answer will be: 877.897941 NGN
1 GBP = 877.897941 NGN Jun 21, 2023 10:55 UTC
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Answer will be: EuroCyprus / Currency
Since 1st January 2008, the euro has been the official currency of the Republic of Cyprus, replacing the Cypriot pound (also known as the lira) at a fixed rate of 0.585274 Cypriot pounds to 1 euro.

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