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Yes, Indian tourists are allowed to enter Cyprus with certain requirements and restrictions such as having a negative COVID-19 test result and completing a Cyprus Flight Pass.

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Yes, Indian tourists are allowed to enter Cyprus with certain requirements and restrictions. According to the official website of the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indian travelers must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken within 72 hours prior to their departure. They also need to complete a Cyprus Flight Pass before boarding and have a copy of the test result with them during their travel.

Additionally, Indian travelers are required to take another COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport in Cyprus. They will then be required to self-isolate at their accommodation until the test results are out, which normally takes around 24 hours.

Cyprus is a beautiful island country situated in the eastern Mediterranean, renowned for its secluded beaches, charming villages, and ancient ruins. The country is steeped in history, with a rich cultural heritage that dates back to over 10,000 years.

Furthermore, Cyprus has a diverse cuisine that offers a mix of Greek and Turkish influences. Some of the popular dishes include souvlaki, moussaka, halloumi cheese, and kleftiko.

To summarize, Indian tourists are permitted to visit Cyprus with certain restrictions, including a negative COVID-19 PCR test result, completing a Cyprus Flight Pass, and taking a COVID-19 test upon arrival. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Therefore, Indian travelers who have a love for traveling and an interest in exploring new cultures should consider visiting this beautiful island country.

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Requirement Description
COVID-19 PCR Test A negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken within 72 hours of departure is required
Cyprus Flight Pass Completion of a Cyprus Flight Pass before boarding is necessary
COVID-19 Test Upon Arrival Travelers are required to take another COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport in Cyprus.

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The video details the YouTuber’s trip from Albania to Cyprus, visa-free for Indians. He talks about his experience getting an RTPCR test in Albania, mentioning that it was cheaper to get it done outside the airport. He also shares a tip on a gaming center in Tirana that doubles up as a photocopying shop for travel documents. Finally, the YouTuber departs for the airport from his hostel at 9 PM.

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Just so, Is Cyprus Open for travel?
Cyprus is now open for travel. Can I travel to Cyprus? It is possible for all arrivals to travel to Cyprus from any country. Do I need to go into quarantine when arriving to Cyprus? Quarantine is not required when arriving to Cyprus. Are COVID-19 tests required to travel to Cyprus? COVID test is not required when arriving in Cyprus.

How to get a Cyprus tourist visa from India? Response: Visa application shall be submitted no sooner than three months prior to the date of the intended trip. Documents required for Cyprus tourist visa from India include passport, a completed visa application form and other supporting documents. A total of 9 documents are required.

Beside above, Are restaurants open in Cyprus? Restaurants, cafes, and bars in Cyprus are open. Are businesses and attractions open in Cyprus? Non-essential businesses and attractions in Cyprus are open. Do I need to wear a face mask in Cyprus? Wearing face masks is required in some public places.

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Beside above, Do I need a visa to travel to Cyprus?
As an answer to this: For those intending to be employed in Cyprus, the issue of an employment permit by the Civil Archive and Migration Office is required, and thereby no visa is required in order to travel to Cyprus.

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