Question “Is car insurance mandatory in Cyprus?”

Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Cyprus.

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Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Cyprus. According to the Road Traffic Law of 1972, all motor vehicles must be insured whilst being driven on the roads. The minimum required coverage is third-party liability insurance, which covers claims made against the insured driver for damage or injury caused to a third party.

The Cypriot Insurance Association (CIA) is the regulatory body for insurance companies in Cyprus and aims to ensure fair and ethical practices among its members. The CIA website provides a list of approved insurance companies in the country.

Failure to obtain and maintain car insurance can result in fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. It is important for drivers to ensure they have valid and up-to-date insurance coverage before operating a motor vehicle on the roads.

In the words of Bill Owens, former governor of Colorado, “The purpose of car insurance is to protect drivers financially when they get behind the wheel.”

Interesting facts:

  • In addition to third-party liability insurance, Cypriot drivers can also opt for more comprehensive coverage, such as fire and theft insurance or fully comprehensive coverage.
  • Cyprus has the highest number of fatal car accidents per capita in the European Union, making car insurance even more crucial for drivers in the country.
  • The CIA recommends that drivers shop around for the best insurance rates and coverage options before purchasing a policy.

Here is a table showcasing the types of car insurance coverage available in Cyprus:

Type of Coverage Description
Third-Party Liability Covers damage or injury caused to a third party by the insured driver
Fire and Theft Covers damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire or theft
Fully Comprehensive Covers damage to the insured vehicle, third-party liability, and other types of loss or damage (such as windscreen or personal accident coverage)
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Vehicle Insurance in Cyprus It is mandatory for a vehicle owner to have insurance against personal injury and material damage caused by their vehicle. This covers all the passengers in the vehicle including family members.

All motor vehicles being driven on the road in Cyprus must be insured for third party risks as a minimum. Motor vehicles towing trailers must have extra insurance.

Vehicle Insurance In Northern Cyprus This insurance, which is compulsory for motor vehicles on highways and also called liability insurance or traffic insurance, is valid for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and other road vehicles.

General information about insurance policies in Cyprus, with details on insuring a vehicle (options from third party to all risks) and making a claim… Under EU law all vehicles driving in member states must have at least third party liability insurance.

If you import a car from the UK, it will need to be insured before you can drive it in Cyprus.

Car insurance at the border, is mandatory, and covers only liability against third parties.

All roads on the entire island are toll free. Third party liability insurance is obligatory.

The following guidelines apply to rentals commencing in Cyprus. Required Car Rental Insurance Coverage Fire and third party liability insurance is mandatory and is included in all rentals. Third party liability coverage offers coverage in case of damage or injury to people or property outside of the rental car up to $78,800.

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Abigaid Insurance offers three types of car insurance policies in Cyprus. The first is third party which is the minimum legal requirement and covers third-party damages, legal liabilities, and windscreen damage. The second is third-party fire and theft which includes the benefits of the third-party policy, while also covering vehicle thefts and damages caused by fire. Lastly, the fully comprehensive policy includes all the benefits of third party fire and theft, while also covering damages to one’s own vehicle. Customers can visit the Abigaid Insurance website or social media page for more information.

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Furthermore, Do you need car insurance in Cyprus?
The Law requires that every vehicle with a Cyprus registration number be insured for third party liability. Driving without insurance is a criminal offense.

Simply so, How much is car insurance in Cyprus?
Answer to this: Compared to other countries Car Insurance in Cyprus is cheap. The main contributing factor is low level of car theft, being an island helps! Normally you can expect to pay under 300 Euro per year for fully comprehensive insurance for two experienced drivers on a BMW 3 Series.

What do you need to drive in Cyprus?
The reply will be: When driving in Cyprus you must carry the following documents:

  1. Full, valid driving licence*
  2. Proof of insurance (third party or above)
  3. Proof of ID (passport or national identity card)
  4. Proof of ownership (if in your own vehicle)

Thereof, How much does it cost to register a car in Cyprus?
Answer: approximately Euro 150
The registration process should take around two to three days and you should expect to pay approximately Euro 150 for the documentary certification and registration process.

Consequently, Do I need car insurance in Cyprus? Response will be: Ensure your car is covered by third-party insurance recognised in Cyprus. This is the legal minimum cover for visitors, so check with your provider before you travel In Cyprus, you drive on the left and overtake on the right, as you do in the UK, so it should make the experience easier for UK-based drivers

What are the rules for driving in Cyprus?
Answer will be: When driving in Cyprus there are rules that you must be aware of: Use dipped headlights during the daytime all year round and on all roads Ensure your car is covered by third-party insurance recognised in Cyprus. This is the legal minimum cover for visitors, so check with your provider before you travel

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Can I drive a hire car in Cyprus?
Jump to the advice for driving a hire car in Cyprus section. RAC European Breakdown Cover (Basic, Comprehensive or Single Trip) provides a wide range of benefits should you break down in The Republic of Cyprus to ensure you stay safe. To supplement this, RAC also offers travel insurance.

Do you need a green card to travel to Cyprus? From 2nd August 2021, drivers will no longer require an insurance green card for taking their vehicles to the Cyprus. ETIAS stands for the European Travel Information and Authorisation System. It is a visa program for visitors who don’t need a Schengen visa, who want to travel to the European Union and a few other European countries.

People also ask, What type of car insurance do I need in Cyprus? In reply to that: Your car insurance is likely going to be the one you make use of the most often. There are two basic types of policy accessible in Cyprus: third party and comprehensive. Third party covers the driver’s liability to his passengers and other people affected by an accident.

Subsequently, How old do you have to be to drive in Cyprus?
The answer is: The minimum age at which an applicant can receive a learner permit is 17.5. Drive on the left in Cyprus (as in the UK, unlike the rest of western Europe) Permit holders must be 18 years of age to legally drive. Seat belts for driver and passengers are compulsory.

Also question is, Do I need supplemental insurance for medical evacuation in Cyprus? Response will be: We strongly recommend obtaining supplemental insurancefor medical evacuation. If traveling with prescription medication, check with the Republic of Cyprusto ensure the medication is legal in Cyprus. Always carry your prescription medication in original packaging with your doctor’s prescription.

Beside this, Where can I find information about road safety in Cyprus? Response: Visit the website of Cyprus’ national tourist officeand national authority responsible for road safety.

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