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To check your pink slip in Cyprus, you can visit the Department of Road Transport or their online portal and enter your registration number.

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To check the status of your “pink slip” in Cyprus, which is also known as the vehicle registration document, you can visit the website of the Department of Road Transport or go in person to one of their offices. On their website, you can enter your vehicle’s registration number and see the status of your pink slip, including if it is still valid or if it has expired.

It is important to keep your pink slip up to date since it proves that you are the legal owner of the vehicle and that it has passed all required roadworthiness tests. If your pink slip has expired, you may face fines and may not be able to drive your vehicle legally.

It is always a good idea to check the status of your pink slip periodically to avoid any issues. As the popular saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Here are some interesting facts about vehicle registration documents around the world:

  • In many countries, such as the UK and Australia, the registration document is called the vehicle logbook or V5C.
  • In some countries, like the United States, the pink slip is an informal name for the vehicle title, which is a document that proves ownership.
  • In Germany, the vehicle registration document is called the Fahrzeugschein and must be carried in the vehicle at all times, along with the vehicle registration plate.
  • In India, vehicle registration documents have been digitalized, so drivers can use their smartphones to show proof of ownership and insurance.
  • In Japan, each vehicle has a unique “shaken” sticker on the windshield that proves it has passed mandatory safety inspections.
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Table: Comparison of Vehicle Registration Documents around the World

Country Name of Document Must be Carried in Vehicle? Digital Version Available?
Cyprus Pink Slip No Yes
UK V5C No Yes
Australia Vehicle Logbook No Yes
United States Title Yes No
Germany Fahrzeugschein Yes No
India Digital RC No Yes
Japan Shaken Sticker Yes No

In conclusion, checking the status of your pink slip in Cyprus is easy and can be done online or in person. Keeping your vehicle registration documents up to date is important for safe and legal driving. Hopefully, this article has provided some interesting information on vehicle registration documents around the world. As the philosopher Francis Bacon once said, “knowledge is power.”

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Reach out to the Immigration Department: You can check your pink slip status by contacting the Immigration Department through the following methods:

  • Email them at migration@crmd.moi.gov.cy with your request to check your pink slip status.
  • Text them at 1199, providing your passport number, pink slip details, and a brief description of your request to check your pink slip status.
  • Visit the Immigration Unit in your city in person, bringing your passport, pink slip, and any other necessary documents.

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How to open a pink slip in Cyprus?
To open Pink Slip, you will need the following list of documents: applications for each applicant, you can find it on the migration of Cyprus website passport, a copy of the passport with the stamp of the last entry into Cyprus and a valid visa (if you are from Ukraine, then you do not need a visa)
What documents are required for temporary residence permit (pink slip) application?
Documents required for Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip) application (where applicable): Passport (s) copy (plus copy of first page and last entry stamp); Pension certificates + translation and any other source of income such as interest, rental income, other investments.
How long is a pink slip valid for?
The response is: Family members may also acquire pink slips as the applicant’s dependents, i.e. spouse, and children under 18 years old. However, a separate application form must be made for each family member to get their temporary residence cards. The pink slip is usually valid for 1 year, lasting up to 4 years. It can be renewed on an annual basis.
Which documents ensure legal residency of non-Cypriots in Cyprus?
Only the following documents ensure legal residency of non-Cypriots in the Republic of Cyprus: Registration Certificate (MEU1), also known as the "yellow slip". For EU citizens Residence Card (MEU3), a certificate of permanent residency status. For Non EU-citizens Immigration Permit. For non-EU-citizens

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