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Yes, you can reach Cyprus without flying by taking a ferry from neighboring countries such as Greece or Turkey or by driving from Europe through Turkey.

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Yes, there are several ways to reach Cyprus without flying. Travelers can take a ferry from neighboring countries such as Greece or Turkey, or drive from Europe through Turkey.

Taking a ferry from Greece or Turkey is a popular option for those wanting to explore the Mediterranean. There are regular ferries from Athens, Greece, to the Cypriot port of Limassol, with a journey time of around 30 hours. The ferry from Turkey’s southern port of Alanya to Kyrenia takes around 4 hours, while another ferry from Tasucu (Turkey) to Famagusta (Cyprus) takes around 6 hours.

Driving from Europe through Turkey is also an option. The distance between London and Cyprus is around 3,000 kilometers and the route includes traveling through France, Italy, Greece, and then into Turkey before arriving at the port city of Mersin. From there, travelers can take a ferry over to Cyprus.

Cyprus is a popular tourist destination because of its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and rich culture. In fact, Cyprus is known as the “island of Aphrodite” due to its links with the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

If you’re traveling to Cyprus, don’t miss out on exploring its ancient history. The island is home to many archaeological sites, including Kourion, an ancient Greek city with well-preserved ruins.

Here’s a table summarizing the different options for reaching Cyprus without flying:

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Method of transportation Journey time Cost (approximate)
Ferry from Greece 30 hours €60-€80
Ferry from Turkey 4-6 hours €20-€50
Driving from Europe 2-3 days €500-€800

As travel writer Nomadic Matt once said, “the journey is just as important as the destination.” So why not make your journey to Cyprus an adventure in itself?

The video explains that an OK to board document can be used to travel to North Cyprus without a visa, with simple requirements such as acceptance and admission letters, and payment receipt. However, only Turkish Airlines accepts this document and a two-way ticket is needed. The process can be completed within 24-48 hours. The YouTuber offers assistance to anyone facing issues with the document and reminds viewers to stay safe by wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. North Cyprus is also described as a friendly and beautiful destination worth exploring.

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Can I go to Cyprus by ship?
Ferries to Cyprus can take between 6 and 8 hours depending on the route. The Mersin to Kyrenia ferry crossing time is approximately 8.5 hours and the Tasucu to Kyrenia ferry crossing time takes approximately 6 hours.
How do I get to Cyprus by ferry?
The answer is: The main ferry ports in Cyprus are Limassol and Larnaca in the Greek part and Famagusta and Kyrenia in the Turkish part. The main ferry routes go from Greece and Turkey to Cyprus.
How do you get to Cyprus from the US?
The answer is: There are no direct flights from the US and Canada to Cyprus. North American visitors must therefore travel via London, Athens, or other European hub airports.
How long is the ferry from Athens to Cyprus?
Answer: The ferry is expected to connect either Larnaca or Limassol in Cyprus with the main Greek port of Piraeus, a suburb of Athens. From Limassol, it would take around 16 hours. The voyage from Larnaca would be two hours longer, compared with 100 minutes for flight from Athens.

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