What are you asking — is it cheaper to live in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, compared to many other European countries, it is generally cheaper to live in Northern Cyprus due to its lower cost of living.

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Compared to many other European countries, it is generally cheaper to live in Northern Cyprus due to its lower cost of living. According to Numbeo, a website that provides cost of living indexes, the cost of living in Northern Cyprus is 54.37% lower than in the United States, and 69.55% lower than in the United Kingdom. The website also reports that the cost of groceries, transportation, and restaurants is significantly lower in Northern Cyprus than in many other European countries.

One of the reasons for the lower cost of living in Northern Cyprus is its tax system. The government’s policy is to provide a favorable investment and business environment through a low and simple tax system. There are no taxes on dividends, royalties, or interest, and property taxes are significantly lower compared to many European countries.

Another reason for the affordability of Northern Cyprus is its currency. Northern Cyprus uses the Turkish Lira, which is significantly weaker than the Euro or Pound Sterling. This means that goods and services in Northern Cyprus are cheaper for visitors from countries with stronger currencies.

In a quote by Forbes, it says “Northern Cyprus is well-known as a budget destination thanks to its low cost of living and low tax environment.”

Here is a table comparing the cost of living in Northern Cyprus with other European countries:

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Country Cost of Living Index Rent Index Groceries Index Restaurant Price Index
Northern Cyprus 36.19 5.37 32.35 26.28
United States 78.81 40.88 64.51 70.11
United Kingdom 67.29 30.60 51.55 72.52
Germany 66.84 26.03 48.60 72.26
France 68.64 24.74 50.49 76.11

Overall, Northern Cyprus offers a relatively low cost of living compared to many other European countries, making it an attractive destination for those looking to relocate or retire. Its favorable tax system and weaker currency contribute to lower living costs, while still providing a high quality of life.

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The video discusses the cost of living in Northern Cyprus in the Escala area, including the cost of rental housing, kindergarten and school fees, electricity, water, home internet, mobile communication, and food. It also includes the prices of gasoline, car maintenance, and beauty services in the country. While prices may appear high, the video suggests they are comparable to those in neighboring countries and cheaper compared to the European Union. Viewers are invited to suggest future topics for discussion.

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In conclusion, Northern Cyprus is a relatively affordable destination, particularly when compared to many European countries. Despite housing costs being significant, there are opportunities to save money by sharing accommodation or living outside the city center.

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Is Northern Cyprus cheaper?
North Cyprus uses the Turkish Lira (TL), so prices are approximately 30% cheaper than in Euro zone countries and south Cyprus.
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All foreigners who wish to stay in the TRNC for more than 90 days, are required to obtain a residence permit. Entry to and departure from the TRNC is possible through designated ports and border crossings with a valid passport or travel document.
Can a US citizen retire in Northern Cyprus?
Answer to this: Retiring here is easier than any other place in all of Europe. Upon your arrival at Ercan Airport, your Passport will be stamped for a thirty day visit. There are no fees and no Visa requirements. Spend that time looking for your dream villa by the sea.
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Response will be: Generally speaking, it is cheaper to travel in Northern Cyprus than it is to travel in the southern part of Cyprus.

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