What are you asking — what is the local beer in Ayia Napa?

Keo is a local beer in Ayia Napa.

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Keo is indeed the local beer in Ayia Napa, a popular tourist destination in Cyprus. According to the brewery’s website, Keo beer has been produced since 1951 and is made from locally grown barley and hops. The beer is described as “a full-bodied, rich and refreshing lager with a pleasant and distinctive aroma” and is available in several varieties, including Keo lager, Keo Gold, and Keo Dark.

In addition to its popularity among locals and tourists in Ayia Napa, Keo beer is also exported to several other countries. In fact, according to a report from the Cyprus News Agency, Keo beer exports increased by 20 percent in 2019, reaching a total value of almost €12 million.

Keo beer is not only enjoyed on its own, but is often paired with traditional Cypriot cuisine. As the Cyprus Tourism Organization explains, “Keo Beer is a natural companion of Cypriot meze dishes like lountza (smoked ham), halloumi cheese, olives and many more.”

Other interesting facts about Keo beer include:

  • The brewery that produces Keo beer is located in Limassol, Cyprus and was founded by local businessman Costas Hajiparaskevas in the early 1950s.
  • In addition to beer, Keo also produces several other beverages, including soft drinks, mineral water, and wine.
  • According to a profile of Keo beer by Wine & Hop Times, the beer is “quite clear and pale, with a thin head…[and] tastes fresh and crisp, with a clean bitterness and hint of citrus. It’s a good all-round lager.”
  • Keo beer has won several awards over the years, including a trophy at the 2013 International Beer Challenge in London.
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The video showcases the hosts’ visit to Napa Tavern and Tavana, two traditional Cypriot restaurants in Ayia Napa. Napa Tavern serves delicious meze dishes, showcasing traditional foods such as keftedes, feta cheese village salad, and hummus, while Tavana exceeds expectations with its family-run restaurant and numerous dishes available. The hosts thoroughly enjoyed trying the Cyprus kebabs, mini dishes, and the famous cleftiko roasted lamb at Napa Tavern. They also recommend trying Tavana’s Cypriot meze with hospitable owners who had served many famous people. Overall, the hosts were quite satisfied and had eaten to their heart’s content.

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Local beer brands including Keo, Carlsberg and Leon as well as local spirits are produced on the island.

Local beer brands including Keo, Carlsberg and Leon as well as local spirits are produced on the island.

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What to drink in Ayia Napa?
As a response to this: Local beer brands including Keo, Carlsberg and Leon as well as local spirits are produced on the island. The best local spirits are brandy and zivania and local Cyprus wines are also very good and cheaper than imported brands. Drinks prices in clubs in Ayia Napa vary greatly.
What is Ayia Napa?
The answer is: Ayia Napa is the hottest party resort in Cyprus and has been showing all us Clubbers how it’s done for over twenty years- and it’s showing no signs of slowing down!
When are the busiest bars in Ayia Napa?
The busiest bars in Ayia Napa are located in the road off the main square (Louka Louka and Ayias Mavris) They usually open around Easter time and close towards the end of October. At the beginning and end of season, some bars may only open at weekends. It tends to get busy after 11pm with the party going through the night.
What are the closest towns to Ayia Napa?
Response to this: The closest towns to Ayia Napa are Protaras which is aproximately 8km East along the coast and is another popular holiday resort, and Paralimni which is aprox 10km inland and is a modern Cypriot town with plenty of shops and businesses. Ayia Napa is quite a large town.

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