What do you inquire: what is there to do in Cyprus for families?

Families can enjoy outdoor activities such as beach trips, water sports, and cultural tours in Cyprus. There are also family-friendly amusement parks and museums to explore.

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There are plenty of fun and educational activities for families to enjoy in Cyprus. One of the top things to do on the island is to visit its beautiful beaches, where visitors can swim, snorkel, and sunbathe. According to Travel+Leisure magazine, “the beaches of Cyprus are some of the most stunning in Europe,” and offer plenty of opportunities for families to relax and unwind.

In addition to the beaches, families can also try out a range of water sports, such as jet skiing, paragliding, and windsurfing. These activities can be found at many of the island’s beach resorts and water sports centers.

For those interested in culture and history, there are many museums and ancient sites to explore in Cyprus. Some popular destinations include the Cyprus Museum, which houses a large collection of artifacts from the island’s rich history, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Choirokoitia, a well-preserved settlement that dates back to the 7th millennium BCE.

For families with younger children, there are also several family-friendly amusement parks and attractions on the island. One popular destination is WaterWorld Waterpark in Ayia Napa, which features a range of water slides, lazy rivers, and other attractions.

Overall, Cyprus offers a wide range of family-friendly activities and attractions that are sure to keep visitors of all ages entertained. As travel writer Fodor’s puts it, “there’s something for everyone on this sunny Mediterranean island.”


Activity Description
Beach trips Visit the island’s stunning beaches for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing
Water sports Try out jet skiing, paragliding, windsurfing, and more
Cultural tours Explore museums and ancient sites, such as the Cyprus Museum and Choirokoitia
Amusement parks Visit family-friendly attractions like WaterWorld Waterpark in Ayia Napa
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Quote: “Cyprus has always been a crossing point between East and West, Europe and Asia, and this mixture is reflected in its rich culture and picturesque scenery.” – Visit Cyprus

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The video “A week in CYPRUS – Best European holiday ! (Paphos, Cyprus)” follows a YouTuber’s adventures in Cyprus with her friends. They rent a beautiful house with a pool and explore the island by visiting water parks, beaches, and hiking trails. They also enjoy dining at vegan burger places and watching sunsets. The video highlights the natural beauty of Cyprus, including Aphrodite’s rock and Mount Olympus. In the end, the YouTuber concludes the trip with a goodbye and heads to Turkey for her next adventure. Overall, she encourages viewers to check out Cyprus for themselves.

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Spot flamingos on the salt lakes in winter Visit the Thalassa Museum in Ayia Napa Spend the day at a water park Snorkel through an underwater sculpture park in Ayia Napa

10 Best Family Things to Do in Cyprus

  • Eagle Mountain Ranch Explore the beautiful landscapes of Cyprus from a unique vantage point Good for:

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Subsequently, Is Cyprus good for families? Answer to this: Cyprus is an all-rounder of a Mediterranean island, which makes it a top choice for a family holiday. When it comes to sandy beaches, families make a beeline for Protaras, in the Paphos region. The beach is huge and packs in plenty of watersports like scuba diving and pedalos.

Also to know is, Where is best for kids in Cyprus?
As an answer to this: Fun Places in Cyprus to Take Your Kids

  • Fasouri Watermania Waterpark.
  • Parko Paliatso Luna Park.
  • Limassol Zoo.
  • Golden Donkeys Farm.
  • The Camel Park.
  • The Black Pearl Pirate Boat.
  • Dasoudi Beach.
  • Akamas Peninsula National Park.
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In this way, How can I have fun in Cyprus? The response is:

  1. Lord’s Palace Hotel Casino. 226. Casinos.
  2. Casino in Ayia Napa – Poker Club – Cyprus Poker Federation Ayia Napa. Casinos. Open now.
  3. Tala Monastery Cat Park. 245. Game & Entertainment Centers.
  4. Island Cove Adventure Mini Golf. 312.
  5. Lockdown Paphos. 267.
  6. Escape the Room. 282.
  7. ESCAPE Limassol Old Town. 210.
  8. ESCAPE Limassol. 282.

Is Cyprus a cheap place to visit? What is this? So is Cyprus expensive to visit? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Prices in Cyprus are more or less on par with other mid-range European destinations — like Croatia or Spain — which means it can be incredibly affordable and that it is entirely possible to visit the country on a budget.

Furthermore, What to do in Cyprus with kids? Answer to this: A visit to Cyprus would not be complete without at least one boat ride. Luckily there are plenty geared towards kids. The most notable would be the Pirates Cruise. On a four hour cruise you get to enjoy the beautiful views which includes a onboard buffet of greek specialties. Find out more about the cruise here.

Where to go in Cyprus?
Beautiful Cyprus hotels on the beach with kids clubs, entertainment, and pools with watersides, we knew it was going to be fun and relaxing for all of us. We started researching where to go in Cyprus and decided that Paphos as well as Ayia Napa seemed like the best places to visit in Cyprus. So, we decided to spend a few days in each!

Moreover, Why should you visit Cyprus? As a response to this: Cyprus is a small island with a huge amount of fabulous things to do. The appeal includes several millennia of history — including some of the most incredible ancient sites in the Mediterranean – spectacular beaches, bounteous platters of superb food and much, much more.

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Consequently, What is it like to live in Cyprus? In the eastern reaches of the balmy Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus offers an incredible blend of ancient archeological sites, icon-filled monasteries and historic houses of worship, all set against a backdrop of black pine forest and beach-fringed turquoise seas.

Moreover, What is there to do in Cyprus? Answer to this: The Aphrodite water park is a large water park with fun for all ages. You can buy tickets here. A visit to Cyprus would not be complete without at least one boat ride. Luckily there are plenty geared towards kids. The most notable would be the Pirates Cruise.

Herein, Where to stay in Cyprus? If you’re looking for your perfect place, have a browse through these recommendations: Casa Mespilea — Centrally located and locally-run, this small hotel is a great option for travellers who are keeping an eye on their budget while visiting Cyprus.

How many days should you spend in Cyprus?
Response: Planning for a full 7 days for your Cyprus itinerary will allow you to get to all of the main sites and explore a few of its dynamic cities, while also allowing you ample time to lounge on the beach and catch some rays.

Similarly one may ask, Is Kykkos Monastery a good place to visit in Cyprus? The answer is: If the Kykkos Monastery structure isn’t quite old enough to satisfy your need for ancient structure, the Church of St Lazarus almost definitely is. Located in Larnaca, on the southern coast of the island, this should be close to the top of your list of things to do in Cyprus.

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