When did the british take control of cyprus?

The British took control of Cyprus in 1878.

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The British took control of Cyprus in 1878 after the Congress of Berlin, a treaty that marked the end of the Russo-Turkish War. As a result of this treaty, the Ottoman Empire gave Britain control of the island.

Cyprus became an important strategic and military location for Britain during both World War I and World War II. In 1960, Cyprus gained independence from Britain, but the UK retained two sovereign base areas (SBAs) on the island, which are still in use by the British military today.

According to historian David Hannay, “Cyprus is not simply a question of strategic interest; it is a human problem, and every attempt must be made to solve it in a way which will guarantee the well-being and security of all its people.”

Interesting facts about Cyprus and British control:

  • During World War II, more than 30,000 British troops were stationed on the island.
  • The British pound sterling was used as the currency in Cyprus until the country adopted the euro in 2008.
  • The SBAs in Cyprus cover just over 3% of the island’s total land area.
  • The British military in Cyprus has been accused of causing environmental damage to the SBAs, particularly in the area of Akrotiri salt lake.
  • A UN peacekeeping force has been stationed in Cyprus since 1964 to help maintain a ceasefire between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Table of key events related to British control of Cyprus:

Year Event
1878 Britain gains control of Cyprus
1914 British troops stationed in Cyprus during WWI
1939 More than 30,000 British troops stationed in Cyprus during WWII
1960 Cyprus gains independence from Britain
1964 UN peacekeeping force deployed to Cyprus
Present Two sovereign base areas retained by the UK on the island
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In 1878, Great Britain assumed the provisional administration of Cyprus. In 1914, when the Ottoman Empire entered the First World War, Cyprus was unilaterally annexed by Great Britain.

1914 – Cyprus annexed by Britain after more than 300 years of Ottoman rule. Britain had occupied the island in 1878, although it remained nominally under Ottoman sovereignty.

At first protectorate, the island was annexed by Britain on the outbreak of war with the Ottoman Empire in 1914, becoming a Crown Colony in 1925.

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Cyprus became divided after tensions rose between the Greek and Turkish populations following the country’s independence from Britain, leading to a Greek-backed coup in 1974. Turkey intervened unilaterally to protect the Turkish minority, which embarrassed the military government in Greece and led to international condemnation when Turkey continued to push further across the island. The Turkish Cypriot administration was created, and many people were forced out of their homes and cleared from the north. In 1983, the Turkish Cypriot government declared independence, which was only supported by Turkey, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Despite international condemnation, the island remains divided today.

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And did you know that, Covering not even 100 square miles the two bases on Cyprus are vital to the British military capabilities in the Mediterranean, Middle East and beyond East of Suez. The British presence in the island of Cyprus goes back to the late nineteenth-century when the small island was leased to the UK by the former Ottoman Empire in the year of 1878.
Wondering what, Cyprus was an important part of the British Empire because it was a strategic location for the British Navy. Cyprus was also a major source of copper for the British Empire. Prior to 1878, Cyprus was a part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1878, the Ottoman Empire granted Britain control over the island in exchange for military support against Russia.
Fact: Second, Cyprus was a source of important minerals, such as copper, which were used in a variety of industries back in Britain. Finally, the island was home to a large British military base, which was used to launch operations against the Ottoman Empire during the 19th century.

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When did Britain colonize Cyprus? British Cyprus was the island of Cyprus under the dominion of the British Empire, administered sequentially from 1878 to 1914 as a British protectorate, a unilaterally annexed military occupation from 1914 to 1925 and from 1925 to 1960 as a Crown colony. Who colonized Cyprus?

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Hereof, Who ruled Cyprus in 1878? The response is: In 1878 the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, came under British control. Its population is made up of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The Greek Cypriot majority desired the removal of British rule and union with Greece, known as Enosis.

Why did Cyprus enter the Ottoman Empire?
Response to this: The Cyprus Convention Cyprus entered the Empire under rather unusual circumstances in 1878. The Ottoman Empire had just been at war with Russia and were very much in danger of losing control of their capital Constantinople. The British intervened in the crisis on the side of the Ottoman Turks by sending a fleet to intimidate the Russians.

Considering this, When did the Cyprus War end? These attacks continued throughout 1958, even after Makarios had abandoned his initial demand for Enosis. They finally ended in February 1959 when agreement was reached in London for Cyprus to become an independent republic. Britain would retain two sovereign base areas at Akrotiri and Dhekeila. © Crown copyright. IWM (HU 81723)

Then, Why did Britain take control of Cyprus in 1878?
Answer: The United Kingdom took administrative control of the island in 1878, to prevent Ottoman possessions from falling under Russian control following the Cyprus Convention, which led to the call for union with Greece ( enosis) to grow louder. [citation needed]

Herein, Why did Britain renounce the Treaty of Cyprus?
As an answer to this: When the Ottoman Empire entered World War I on the side of the Central Powers, Britain renounced the Agreement, rejected all Turkish claims over Cyprus and declared the island a British colony. In 1915, Britain offered Cyprus to Constantine I of Greece on condition that Greece join the war on the side of the British, which he declined.

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Moreover, When did Cyprus become a British colony?
The answer is: British Cyprus was the island of Cyprus under the dominion of the British Empire, administrated sequentially from 1878 to 1914 as a British protectorate, from 1914 to 1925 as a unilaterally annexed military occupation, and from 1925 to 1960 as a Crown colony.

Correspondingly, When did Cyprus become a part of the Ottoman Empire? Response: After 300 years of Ottoman rule the island and its population was leased to Britain by the Cyprus Convention, an agreement reached during the Congress of Berlin in 1878 between the United Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire.

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