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Yes, it is possible to export a car to Cyprus. However, there are specific regulations and requirements that must be met for the importation process.

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Yes, it is possible to export a car to Cyprus. However, the process can be complicated and there are specific regulations and requirements that must be met in order to import a car to the country.

According to the Cyprus government’s official website, there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to import a car to the country. These guidelines include:

  • The car must be registered in the name of the owner for at least six months prior to importation.
  • The car must meet certain technical specifications and must pass an inspection before it can be imported.
  • The owner must provide documentation such as the vehicle registration certificate, proof of insurance, and a bill of sale.
  • The owner must pay certain fees and taxes associated with the importation process.

It is important to note that the process can vary depending on the country from which the car is being imported. It is recommended that individuals interested in importing a car to Cyprus consult with the relevant authorities to ensure that they are following the proper procedures.

As Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” The process of importing a car to Cyprus may seem daunting, but with the proper research and preparation, it can be successfully accomplished.

Interesting facts about importing cars to Cyprus:

  • Cyprus has a high rate of car ownership, with an estimated 600,000 cars on the road as of 2021.
  • The country has a network of public transportation options, including buses, taxis, and a metro system currently under construction.
  • Cyprus has a left-hand driving system, which can be challenging for individuals used to right-hand driving systems.
  • The importation of cars to Cyprus is subject to a value added tax (VAT) of 19% and an additional registration tax based on the car’s engine size and emissions.
  • The importation process can take several weeks or even months to complete, and it is recommended that individuals plan accordingly.
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Here is a table highlighting the registration tax rates for cars imported to Cyprus:

Engine Capacity (cc) Registration Tax Rate
Up to 1,000 12%
1,001 – 1,500 24%
1,501 – 2,000 36%
2,001 – 2,500 48%
2,501 and above 60%

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In a recent video titled “Easy way to import products to North Cyprus 2022,” Nikki suggests that using courier services like DHL or FedEx is the easiest way to import products to North Cyprus due to their reliable and fast delivery. She also recommends having items delivered to South Cyprus and transported to North Cyprus via taxi as a way to avoid paying a higher tax directly. Nikki promises to discuss more about North Cyprus in her next video and reminds viewers to subscribe and stay safe.

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The duty to import a car in Cyprus from overseas is 10% duty + VAT 19% of the value of the vehicle, plus local charges in at the port in Cyprus. You can import used cars to Cyprus, but brand new cars can be imported to Cyprus only by an authorized imported.

When transferring your normal residence to Cyprus you are permitted to import one motor vehicle into the country exempt from duty and tax provided the following criteria is met; You must have owned and used the vehicle in the UK for a period of at least six months before transferring your residence to Cyprus. offer a twice-weekly car container service to Cyprus, serving the Port of Limassol with fast transit times. We also offer full on forwarding services to all destinations throughout Cyprus such as Paphos, Ayia Napa, Nicosia etc.

If you prefer, you can search for the car you would like to purchase yourself and then hire a shipping agency to find it for you and transfer it to Cyprus.

Military personnel are also exempt from the Cyprus 5 year rule and can ship a car to Cyprus irrespective of the age of the vehicle.

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Accordingly, Can I import a car to Cyprus?
Answer will be: The import duty rates range depending on the category of the vehicle, its weight and its engine capacity. The standard import duty rate for passenger cars is 10%. The rate for commercial type motor vehicles varies between 10% and 22%. For motorcycles with an engine capacity up to 250cc, the import rate is 6%.

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How do I ship a car to Cyprus? Answer will be: You have two choices for car transport to Cyprus: drive it yourself, or hire a car transporter. If moving abroad, you need a certificate of export; you can apply for one of these at your local Vehicle Registration Office or contact the DVLA for more information.

In this manner, Can you import left hand drive car to Cyprus?
Answer: Yes. As stated under the previous point, once the vehicle passes the DoRT technical inspection, a number of documents plus the DoRT certificate should be taken to the DoRT Vehicle Examination Centre for registration.

Then, Can a non resident buy a car in Cyprus?
Foreign citizens have the right to buy a car as personal property in Cyprus. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, the car may be purchased after obtaining a residence permit (pink slip), a residence permit in Cyprus, F-visa or passport stamped with multivisa.

Can I import a motor vehicle to Cyprus?
Response to this: Concerning the registration and circulation of motor vehicles, importers are advised to contact the Department of Road Transport, prior to importing a motor vehicle so as to be informed if it can be registered in the Republic of Cyprus. Contact links are provided below:

What documents are required if a vehicle is shipped from Cyprus?
The answer is: As Cyprus is in the EU, vehicles being shipped from the UK must prove that they have had taxes paid. In this respect the following documentation is required:- The number plates and the vehicle registration document issued in the UK

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Also asked, How do I send RORO (vehicle ferry) to Cyprus? To send RORO (vehicle ferry): Deliver vehicle to either Bristol or Southampton for freight to Cyprus, when it arrives in Limassol we arrange customs clearance, after clearance you would then collect vehicle from the port. The vehicle must be empty as goods are not secure in vehicle during transportation. We can also offer a collection service..

Can I transfer my property from UK to Cyprus?
Answer will be: If you are resident in the UK and you have decided to transfer your normal residence to Cyprus, under certain conditions you are entitled to transfer your personal property without having to pay excise duty and VAT.

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