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How It Works - Opiokalos

How it works

Whether you want more clients, grow your brand trust or collect feedback, doing that should be easy.

Create your account

Start by registering an account on our website.
  • It’s FREE
  • It takes less than 1 minute
  • From adding new businesses to leaving reviews

Add your business

Once you created your account, you can go back to the home page and click on ADD Listing button. Choose the plan that works for you and then add the details of your business. Click on Submit Button so you can preview the listing. Once you are happy with it click on Publish.

  • Add as much information as possible and good visual images
  • Make use of the listing features and additional business info so people can find you in filters
  • Select the correct categories ( if your category doesn’t exist please contact us so we can add it)

Claim your business

After your listing is published you will need to claim it. Click on Claim now button on the right side of your business listing.
  • Less than 1 minute
  • Extra step to prove the ownership
  • Receive notifications for new reviews or lead contacts

Collect reviews and engage with clients

Get reviewed for your work, gain feedback about customer satisfaction level while also growing your reputation online. Harness the power of your reviews by engaging and interacting with your customers and create long lasting relationships.

  • Spread awareness through social media, email signature and your website
  • Make use of our 5 Star Squad
  • Respond to reviews

Why us

The Community Reviewlution
We are the place where people go when they are looking to read a review about a service in cyprus.

Affordable pricing
Get more exposure with really low costs

Integrate your business in the 5*Squad discount programme and make the most of our local influencers.

Online resources and business consulting to stay on top of the latest tools to make your business shine

For any further queries please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listing your business on Opiokalos showcases your services and connects you with the local community as they are searching for services similar to yoursHaving your business listed means you can collect reviews, be notified when a new review comes in, respond to it and update your business information. 

The latest research shows that the majority of consumers search for a local business online on a regular basis with 53% of people searching services at least once per month and 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews. By listing your service on Opiokalos you will get more online exposure plus you can use your reviews to improve your SEO (search engine optimization)

There are many ways to let your customers know you are on Opiokalos without being too solicitous. You can add a link to your Opiokalos profile on your website or in your email signature or you can ask clients face to face. 

The truth is, you will not always get positive reviews. Sometimes you will get bad reviews too. But, they are not that terrible and we can give you two reasons for this:  First, by showing negative reviews you are proving that you are transparent, have nothing to hide, and that your reviews are real! Second, negative reviews give you a chance to show off your excellent customer service. So when you get a bad review, take this opportunity to reach out to your customer, address the complaint and offer a solution. This will show that you care about making your customers happy. 

Responding to reviews is essential in building trust with your clients. Regardless if they are happy or unhappy customers engaging with them the correct way will always reflect favorably on your business. More tips on how to engage with your reviewers can be found in the Resources section.

For us it is very important to maintain and protect the integrity of our community. For this reason, every business and review must be connected to a profile that has a real person behind it.

In some situations, we also need to be able to contact you to verify that you are indeed owning the listed business. That means we need your profile to be attached to a valid and active email address and phone number so we can contact you directly.