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Opiokalos Reviews - Better Services, Better Cyprus

We Reviewlutionize the Services in Cyprus

No Censoring, No editing, No Removal

Honest reviews as written by consumers are published instantly and businesses can see and respond to them.

Fighting fraud

We have zero acceptance for fraud and misuse of our review community and we examine any reported review or company

Trust at the heart of everything

Strong guidelines coupled with manual and automated processes help us build trust in online reviews

Free access

Communication is the key to improving experiences between consumers and service providers. We give everyone FREE access to our review community’s basic functions

We believe every business decision should be driven by truth

Opiokalos is an online review community aiming to change the way services are offered in Cyprus.

Our reviews help people make better informed decisions but they also challenge service providers to learn from feedback and engage authentically with prospects and customers. We believe in the power of community and we are committed to being the most trusted and useful site for people looking for local services in Cyprus.