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Collecting genuine reviews - Opiokalos

The best way to deliver an honest and representative view on local businesses is if we stay open.

Any person who has had a genuine experience with a service provider can leave a review on Opiokalos. All businesses are able to see and reply to their reviews. And all this can be done for FREE.

Opiokalos collects reviews in the following way:


Consumers need to create an account before leaving a review to ensure the integrity of the recommendations. They should, however, be able to document an order or prove their use of the reviewed service.

Reviews are published instantly on Opiokalos as they are written. Companies are not able to delay or prevent a review from being published.

Opiokalos does not censor reviews. We have algorithms that help us detect fake reviews and other misuse. We also rely on our community – consumers and businesses – to flag a review if they think it violates our guidelines. Our Team will then investigate and assess whether the review complies with our guidelines or not.