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Opiokalos | Combating online fake reviews in Cyprus

Combating fake reviews

We invest seriously in fighting fraud

We have no tolerance for fake reviews and misuse of our review community. We invest considerably in this area.We work systematically to identify and mitigate unlawful practices and stay ahead of any attempts to trick the system.


We investigate fake reviews

Even though we are working hard on it, detecting fake reviews isn’t an exact science. Our processes are constantly refined and developed to find new and better ways of reducing the number of non-genuine reviews.

Our efforts include:

  • A Custom-built algorithm that detects suspicious reviews and removes those identified as fake
  • Manual verification with focus on uncovering fraud
  • Tools enabling consumers and businesses to flag reviews if they violate our Guidelines
  • A Whistle blower function that permits anyone who notices fraudulent behavior to contact us
  • Consumer alerts posted on business profiles to warn users that we have detected significant fraudulent behavior
  • Removal of advertisements from companies asking for, or individuals offering to write, fake reviews
  • Termination of contracts with businesses who repeatedly contravene our guidelines and the ability to block fraudulent users from our community

We sort out reviews

  • Fake reviews. We want to ease the process of leaving reviews by not putting too many restrictions on the process. That is because a higher volume of reviews shows a more accurate picture. In the same time, we also want to avoid fake reviews by building checks and balances into the system. Striking the right balance between these two priorities is an ongoing challenge. We’re constantly improving measures to detect and remove fake reviews.
  • Abusing the reporting function. Businesses are allowed to report reviews that violate our User Guidelines. The reporting function is for the majority of companies on Opiokalos who use the review community for the right purposes. But sometimes service providers report genuine (negative) reviews that do comply with the guidelines simply because they want them removed. This is an abuse of our reporting function and we don’t tolerate it.


Be part of the solution

You can help! Notify us about any reviews that you have good reason to suspect are not genuine. If you have information about misuse of our review community or breaches of our Guidelines, you can contact our team.
Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to look at the bigger picture when reading reviews. If a company has very few reviews, or if all their reviews are at least one-year-old, it might be a good idea to do more research.