Does it rain a lot in cyprus?

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate, which means it can be dry and warm during the summer months but has a wetter, cooler winter season with occasional rainfall.

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Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with dry, warm summers and wet, cool winters with occasional rainfall. According to the World Weather and Climate Information, the average annual rainfall in Cyprus is around 500 mm, with the wettest months being December to February. However, the rainfall distribution varies depending on the region within Cyprus. The mountains in the island’s interior receive higher amounts of precipitation, while the coastal regions are generally drier.

Interestingly, Cyprus is known for its brief but intense rainstorms that can cause flash flooding. In fact, Cyprus is prone to flash floods due to its steep terrain, lack of vegetation, and urbanization. To combat this, Cyprus has implemented various measures, including dam construction and improving the stormwater drainage systems.

As the famous writer Lawrence Durrell once said, “The air is like a draught of wine. The colours mount into the skies: gold, rose, wine-dark blue…” Indeed, Cyprus is known for its beautiful sunsets and stunning scenery, which can be accentuated by rainfall.

Table: Average Monthly Rainfall in Cyprus (mm)

Month Rainfall
January 85
February 75
March 45
April 30
May 10
June 2
July 1
August 2
September 10
October 40
November 70
December 85

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In this video, the speaker discusses winter in Cyprus, highlighting that January, February, and March are the coldest months, with temperatures around 12 degrees during the day. While it may not be ideal for sunbathing or going to the beach, travelers can enjoy nature at cheaper prices. However, rentals and Airbnbs may not have central heating, and there can be a lot of rain, requiring car chains for higher altitudes. The speaker recommends coming a little earlier before super hot summers and being cautious when driving to the Troodos mountains during hardcore winter, with a 4×4 car or snow chains. Ice can be a hazard, and sunglasses are recommended.

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