How do I respond to — who did Cyprus vote for Eurovision?

Cyprus voted for Greece in Eurovision.

Explanatory question

Cyprus has voted for Greece in Eurovision numerous times throughout the years due to their close cultural and historical ties.

According to the Cypriot broadcaster CyBC, the country’s Eurovision votes are often influenced by diaspora voting, which is when people with the same ethnic or national background living in different countries support each other’s entries. Greece has a significant diaspora population in Cyprus and vice versa, which could explain why Cyprus frequently votes for Greece.

In 2019, Cyprus gave Greece 12 points, which is the maximum amount that a country can award to another country’s entry. This was not the first time that Cyprus has given Greece the highest amount of points possible. In fact, Cyprus has given Greece 12 points a total of 10 times since they began participating in Eurovision in 1981.

It’s worth noting that voting in Eurovision has historically been a contentious issue, with accusations of political voting, regional bloc voting, and neighborly voting. However, it’s also important to recognize the cultural significance and community-building aspects of Eurovision, as described by musician and Eurovision fan George Hodos: “It’s a celebration of cultures mixing and creating this very weird, wonderful hybridization,” he says.

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To further illustrate Cyprus’s voting patterns in Eurovision, below is a table showcasing the number of times Cyprus has given Greece points in Eurovision, as well as the maximum amount of points awarded:

Year Amount of points awarded to Greece by Cyprus
1981 8
1983 12
1985 12
1987 12
1988 10
2003 12
2004 8
2007 12
2008 12
2019 12

Overall, Cyprus’s voting history in Eurovision showcases the power of cultural and community ties in influencing the outcome of the competition.

Response via video

The video showcases the friendly and close relationship between Greece and Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest between 2017 and 2021. Representatives from both countries are seen giving each other 12 points and expressing their appreciation for each other’s music. These moments demonstrate a strong bond and camaraderie between the two nations as they participate in the competition.

Also, individuals are curious

What is the Eurovision Song Contest?

The Eurovision Song Contest was established in 1956 to unite European countries after the devastation of the Second World War, but voting patterns seem to show it has united some areas more than others.

Who won Eurovision 2021?

Response will be: The winner has been voted in, and Italy claimed the Eurovision crown. Here’s how all the countries did. The Eurovision 2021 final took the beloved song contest to a whole other level.

How many points does a country get in Eurovision?

As a response to this: The points are out of a total of 12 – which is awarded for first place in each country – so any figure over eight means that the nation really does benefit from the other countries’ votes. Each country in Eurovision splits its vote between a professional jury and a public televote.

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Is Eurovision apolitical?

As a response to this: Eurovision organisers have always argued that the competition is apolitical. And they have taken steps to try to minimise perceived bias in the past – structuring the contest so that only a certain number of neighbouring countries can compete in the same semi-final, and therefore have a vote on the same night, for example.

Did Cyprus qualify for Eurovision 2023?

Response to this: Cyprus participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom, having internally selected Andrew Lambrou to represent the country with the song "Break a Broken Heart". In the second semi-final, Cyprus qualified for the final on 13 May.

Why was the Eurovision Song Contest not held in Ukraine this year?

The response is: However, the contest could not be held in Ukraine this year due to the ongoing war. Greece and Cyprus competed in the second semi-final round on Thursday for a chance to appear at the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday. They appeared alongside 16 others.

How many Eurovision songs are there?

In reply to that: In 2015, the broadcaster organised the national final Eurovision Song Project, which featured 54 songs competing in a nine-week-long process resulting in the selection of the Cypriot entry through the combination of public televoting and the votes from an expert jury.

Who sang El Diablo in Eurovision 2021?

Answer to this: Cyprus participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Cypriot broadcaster Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) internally selected Elena Tsagrinou as its representative with the song "El Diablo". " El Diablo " was written and composed by Thomas Stengaard, Laurell Barker, Oxa, and Jimmy Thörnfeldt.

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