How much is food and drink in protaras?

Food and drink prices in Protaras vary depending on the restaurant or establishment, but on average, a meal could cost around €15-€20, while a local beer or a soft drink could cost around €3-€4.

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Food and drink prices in the popular Cypriot resort town of Protaras can vary depending on the establishment, time of day, and popularity of the area. According to travel resources such as Lonely Planet, a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant can cost around €35-€50, while a pint of local beer or a soft drink ranges from €3-€4. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, fast food outlets can offer a meal for around €5-€8.

If you’re in the mood for some traditional Cypriot cuisine, expect to pay a bit more. Mezze-style meals typically consist of multiple small dishes and are designed to be shared amongst groups. The cost per person can vary from €15-€30 depending on the establishment and number of dishes served.

When it comes to drinks, wine can be relatively inexpensive due to the abundant vineyards on the island. A bottle of local wine can cost as little as €12 in a restaurant. However, wine imported from other countries may be more costly. Cocktails and spirits can be pricier, ranging from €7-€12.

It should be noted that prices can be higher in tourist hotspots or areas with sea views, as noted by travel expert Rick Steves: “Prices are highest at balconies overlooking the water, or in the busy tourist areas.”

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To give a general idea of prices, here is a table of approximate costs for food and drink items in Protaras:

Item Approximate Cost (€)
Meal for one 15-25
Meal for two 35-50
Mezze per person 15-30
Pint of local beer 3-4
Soft drink 3-4
Bottle of local wine 12
Cocktails/spirits 7-12

In any case, it’s always a good idea to check prices before ordering to avoid any surprises. Enjoy your culinary adventures in Protaras!

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In the video “The cost of eating out in Cyprus. Food Glorious food,” viewers are shown a variety of restaurants with different prices and menus in different areas of Cyprus. Restaurants serving Lebanese, Syrian, Greek, and seafood dishes were featured. Prices of vegetarian and meat mezes, mixed grills, fish and chips, burgers, and breakfast items were showcased. The video also notes the locations and ambiance of the restaurants, such as those by the sea or football stadium and tea houses offering specials. Overall, the video highlights the range of options and prices available in different parts of Cyprus.

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How much does a bottle of wine cost in Cyprus?
The answer is: On the whole, however, you can expect a glass of local wine in Cyprus to cost you around €3-4 depending on the type and quality of wine and a bottle of local wine will probably be around €15-20. Beer prices vary as well, depending on if you grab a local lager or a fancy IPA. In general, expect to pay about €3 for a pint of local draft beer.

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