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Yes, you can drive from south to north Cyprus but you will need to cross the border at a designated checkpoint and follow the necessary procedures for crossing.

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Yes, you can drive from south to north Cyprus but you will need to cross the border at a designated checkpoint and follow the necessary procedures for crossing. The border between the two sides is called the “Green Line” and is patrolled by United Nations peacekeepers. The checkpoints are open every day of the week, except for some public holidays.

The process of crossing the border includes presenting your passport or ID card, as well as any relevant vehicle documentation if you are driving. It is also important to note that there are restrictions on what you can bring from one side to the other, so it’s best to check these rules beforehand.

According to Lonely Planet, “If crossing from south to north, car rental companies based in the Republic may not allow you to take the car across, so specifically ask if this is possible when renting a car” (source).

Interesting facts about Cyprus:

  • Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia.
  • It is home to the oldest known wine label in the world, dating back over 5,000 years.
  • The island has been inhabited for over 10,000 years, with evidence from the Neolithic era.
  • It is split into two politically, with the Greek-Cypriot south recognized internationally and joined the EU in 2004, while the Turkish-Cypriot north is recognized only by Turkey.
  • Northern Cyprus is home to the second largest castle in Europe, the St. Hilarion Castle.
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If you are planning a trip to Cyprus, it’s a good idea to check the latest information on border crossing procedures to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

South Cyprus North Cyprus
Capital: Nicosia Capital: Nicosia
Currency: Euro Currency: Turkish Lira
Languages: Greek, Turkish, English Languages: Turkish
Driving side: Left Driving side: Left
Voltage: 240V Voltage: 240V

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This video discusses driving in Cyprus, which follows the left-hand side of the road like England, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, and India. Renting a car requires an international driving license which is relatively easy to obtain. European licenses are applicable, but non-European countries’ drivers must have an international driving license. The speed limit on highways and motorways is 100 km/h, with penalties enforced for a 25 km/h over-speed. Although gas prices in Cyprus are low, drivers must not partake in eating or drinking while driving or drive under the influence of alcohol.

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If you are an EU citizen there have been NO restrictions to prevent you crossing the North/South border in Cyprus since 2003. You are free to cross and spend as long as you wish by producing your passport or ID card.

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In this way, Can I cross border from South Cyprus to North Cyprus?
As a response to this: Requirements for Cyprus Border Crossings
You cannot cross without your passport. If you are driving a car, you need proof of insurance for Northern Cyprus. Or, you will need to buy insurance at the border. Insurance in 2023 costs 20 Euros.

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Regarding this, Is it easy to cross from south to North Cyprus?
Larnaca and Paphos airports, in southern Cyprus, are a lot easier to get to. Crossing the border from south to north via Nicosia is straight forward, especially on foot. If you’re driving you will need special insurance to continue driving in the TRNC. This can be obtained at the border crossing.

Secondly, How do I get from South to North Cyprus? Response: Tourists travelling from the South to the North of Cyprus usually land at either Paphos or Larnaca Airports – Most of those heading North landing at Larnaca because it is closer to North Cyprus border. The most used crossing is at the Nicosia (Lefkosa) named Agios Dometios (Metehan).

Beside this, Can you drive from one side of Cyprus to the other?
You can drive all the way across Cyprus in just a few hours, so don’t limit yourself to just one place! You can choose to drive between the cities and stay in a new town every few nights, or base yourself in one of the cities and explore the island in a series of day trips.

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