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You can get from Larnaca to Paphos by taking a bus, taxi or renting a car. The journey takes about 2 hours.

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Getting from Larnaca to Paphos is fairly easy, with several options available to travelers. The most popular modes of transportation are by bus, taxi, and renting a car.

Taking a bus is the cheapest option and there are several companies that operate daily services between the two cities, with prices ranging from €10 to €20. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and there are several stops along the way. One of the most popular operators is Cyprus by Bus, which offers air-conditioned coaches and a regular departure schedule.

Another option is taking a taxi, which is more expensive but much faster than the bus. A taxi ride from Larnaca to Paphos takes around 1.5 hours and can cost anywhere from €90 to €120, depending on the time of day and the number of passengers. It is important to note that taxi fares are not regulated in Cyprus, so it is always a good idea to negotiate the price before getting in.

Renting a car is a viable alternative for those who prefer to have more control over their travel schedule. Several car rental companies have branches at Larnaca airport, and renting a car can cost anywhere from €25 to €50 per day. The journey from Larnaca to Paphos takes about 2 hours, depending on traffic and the route chosen.

According to Lonely Planet, “Cyprus’s public transport network is known for being slow and unreliable, so it’s worth investing in a rental car or moped to explore the island’s many worthwhile destinations.”

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In conclusion, getting from Larnaca to Paphos is easy and there are several options available to travelers. Whether by bus, taxi, or rental car, the journey takes approximately 2 hours and offers breathtaking views of Cyprus’s stunning coastline and countryside.

Mode of Transportation Cost Journey Time
Bus €10-€20 2 hours
Taxi €90-€120 1.5 hours
Car rental €25-€50 per day 2 hours

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The video instructs viewers on how to get from Larnaca airport to the city center and Paphos in Cyprus via bus. Taking the bus at the second floor outside the airport costs 1.5 euros, while the intercity bus presents a slightly costlier option. The video recommends the cheapest option which costs 9 euros and runs three times daily, taking about 2 hours to arrive at Paphos. The video advises arriving early as buses do not wait long and getting directions from the driver or timetable paper. Additionally, the bus to Ayia Napa takes the same route, offering easy travel at the same price. Despite small buses often being unreliable, the direct bus is well-maintained and reliable owing to little passenger traffic.

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To travel from Larnaca Airport to Paphos by bus there are two options: Option 1: Travel from Larnaca Airport to Limassol and then from Limassol to Paphos. (More frequent, Slower) Option 2: Travel from Larnaca Airport to Paphos Airport and then from Paphos Airport to Paphos.

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People also ask, Is it easy to get from Larnaca to Paphos?
Response will be: The cost-effective way to get from Larnaca to Paphos is to bus, which costs €6 – €8 and takes 2h 50m. What is the fastest way to get from Larnaca to Paphos? The quickest way to get from Larnaca to Paphos is to drive which costs €20 – €29 and takes 1h 35m.

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How much is a cab from Larnaca to Paphos?
The reply will be: Taxi Larnaca Airport Transfer from/to Paphos will cost 99€ (one way). On the way back we offer all trips with discount 10%. New Paphos (Nea Paphos) was founded on the sea near a natural harbour. It lay about 60 stadia or 12 km northwest of the old city.

Simply so, Is there a bus from Larnaca to Paphos? Answer will be: Is there a direct bus between Larnaca and Paphos? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Municipal Library 1 and arriving at Municipal Market Station station. Services depart four times a week, and operate Thursday. The journey takes approximately 2h 50m.

Also asked, How much is transfer from Larnaca Airport to Paphos? The answer is: Cost: Larnaca city bus – 1.5 €. Plus a ticket for the intercity bus Larnaca – Paphos – 7 € (adult ticket) and 3.5 € (child ticket from 6 years old, up to 6 years old – free of charge). Frequency: Only on weekdays 4 times a day. Check the official website for the current schedule at the link below.

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