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Yes, North Cyprus experiences occasional snowfall during winter months.

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Yes, North Cyprus experiences occasional snowfall during winter months. According to The Economist, “Occasionally snow falls heavily enough in the Kyrenia range to disrupt life for a few days.” However, snowfall in North Cyprus is not a regular occurrence, with only a few days of snow each year.

Here are some interesting facts about snowfall in North Cyprus:

  • Snowfall in North Cyprus is more common in the mountainous regions, particularly in the Kyrenia range.
  • The last significant snowfall in North Cyprus occurred in January 2017, when several inches of snow blanketed the mountainous areas.
  • Snowfall in North Cyprus is usually accompanied by heavy rain and wind, resulting in flooding and landslides in some areas.
  • In the past, North Cyprus has experienced rare instances of snowfall in coastal areas, such as Famagusta and Nicosia.

Table: Average temperatures and precipitation in North Cyprus during winter months

Month Average High Temperature (Celsius) Average Low Temperature (Celsius) Average Monthly Precipitation (mm)
December 17 9 106
January 16 8 96
February 16 8 88

In conclusion, while North Cyprus does experience occasional snowfall during winter months, it is not a frequent occurrence. Travelers to the area should be prepared for colder temperatures and the possibility of snow, particularly if visiting the mountainous areas.

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The video creator shares footage of the snow that has fallen in North Cyprus, expressing how cold it is and joking about catching a cold. They also mention that they will make a video showing how to dress for the winter.

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