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Yes, foreigners can drive in Cyprus using their national driver’s license for up to six months.

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Foreigners can drive in Cyprus using their national driver’s license for up to six months. However, if they plan on staying longer, they must obtain a Cypriot driver’s license. To do so, they must pass a written test and a practical driving test.

It is important to note that Cyprus follows the left-hand driving system, so it may take some time to adjust, especially for those accustomed to right-hand driving.

In addition, traffic in Cyprus can be quite different from what foreigners are used to. The roads can be narrow with sharp turns, and the signage may not always be clear. It is recommended to drive cautiously and be aware of other drivers, particularly during the peak summer months when many tourists are on the road.

According to the official website of Cyprus, “Driving in the Troodos Mountains is not for the faint-hearted and should only be undertaken by experienced drivers with full insurance coverage.” The website also notes that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited and can result in severe penalties.


Topic Details
License Foreigners can use their national driver’s license for 6 months in Cyprus.
Obtaining Cypriot license Foreigners staying longer in Cyprus need to pass written and practical tests in order to obtain a Cypriot license.
Left-hand driving system Cyprus follows the left-hand driving system.
Traffic conditions Roads can be narrow with sharp turns, signage may not be clear and it’s wise to drive cautiously.
Mountain driving In Troodos mountains, it’s best to leave it to the experienced drivers.
DUI laws Strict laws against driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
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As the famous French saying goes, “A bad driver only recognizes their mistakes when they meet a worse one.” It’s important to be a responsible driver and follow traffic rules, especially in unfamiliar territory.

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Foreigners arriving in Cyprus can drive vehicles using a valid international driving license or national driving license, provided that this license is valid for the class of the vehicle they wish to drive.

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Can tourists drive in Cyprus? In Cyprus, motorists drive on the left-hand side of the road, just like they do in the UK. Can I drive my car in Cyprus? Yes, so long as you have all your essential documents, including a valid UK licence, V5 document and sufficient insurance for your trip.

Likewise, Do I need an international drivers license to drive in Cyprus?
The answer is: Drivers can drive with a current valid:
(Visit without a visa is a maximum of 90 days). If resident in Cyprus it must be exchanged as below. An International Driving Permit (IDP) together with a current valid domestic driving licence – usually until the IDP expires.

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Also asked, Can I drive in Cyprus with an international license? In reply to that: An international driving license is valid in Cyprus as long as it’s in the class of vehicle they wish to drive. When driving in Cyprus, you must always bring your national driver’s licence and an International Driving Permit. With an IDP/IDL, you don’t need to apply for a Cyprus driving licence or take a driving test.

Is driving license valid in Cyprus?
Answer to this: Only people who have been resident in Cyprus for at least six months may apply for a Cyprus driving licence. Drivers and riders with licences issued by other countries, for example , must meet Cypriot age restrictions in order for their licence to be valid in Cyprus.

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