What do you ask — are there English schools in Cyprus?

Yes, there are English schools in Cyprus.

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Yes, there are English schools in Cyprus. The country has a strong education system and offers a variety of private and public schools for expat children. English is widely spoken and taught in schools, making it easy for international students to adapt and integrate. According to Cyprus Teacher, the Ministry of Education provides a comprehensive list of private schools in the country, many of which offer excellent English language education.

As a famous quote goes: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Interesting Facts:

  • Cyprus is a popular destination for international students due to its high-quality education system, affordable tuition fees, and safe environment.
  • In addition to English, many schools in Cyprus also offer instruction in Greek and Turkish.
  • The University of Cyprus is the largest and oldest university in the country and is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the region.
  • The International School of Paphos is a popular choice for expats, offering an all-English curriculum and the International Baccalaureate program.

Here’s a table summarizing some of the top English schools in Cyprus:

School Name Location Curriculum
Grammar School Limassol Limassol British National Curriculum
American Academy Nicosia Nicosia American Curriculum
International School of Paphos Paphos International Baccalaureate
English School of Kyrenia Kyrenia British National Curriculum
Falcon School Larnaca Larnaca British National Curriculum

Overall, with a variety of options available, expat children can receive a high-quality education while living in Cyprus and have a smooth transition into the country’s language and culture.

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This video provides insights into the education system in Northern Cyprus, starting with kindergartens that are mostly private and cost around 1,500 liras per month. Public schools are free till the fifth grade and teach predominantly in Turkish, although some subjects are taught in English from the fifth grade. Private English schools are also available at a cost, with the possibility of becoming fluent in multiple languages. An interview with a parent reveals the supportive environment and lack of pressure in schools. The video ends with a teaser for the next segment about local fruits and vegetables.

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The private international English-speaking schools in Cyprus are primarily around the Kyrenia (Girne) area – mainly Bellapais (English School of Kyrenia), Alsancak (Necat British College) and Kyrenia (Girne American University Schools).

English language schools in Cyprus iTEP: Certify Your English Proficiency Online – Results in 24 Hours LinguaTerra: Learn English Online – Get Your Free Trial Lesson Home / English Language Schools / Cyprus 37 English schools listed for Cyprus

English in Cyprus, established in 2007, is the leading English language school for interntional students in Cyprus. We welcome students from all over the world to learn English. We offer a great choice of all year round language programmes for international students of all ages, aims and backgrounds.

Founded in 1980, the University of Nicosia (UNIC) is the largest university in Cyprus and the largest university in Southern Europe that teaches primarily in English. Roughly 12,000 students study there, from over 70 countries across the globe.

The G C School of Careers was established in 1973 as a private English school in Cyprus. the GC Schools of Careers offers nursery, prim… englishschool.ac.cy English School Welcome to The English School website. I hope that it will give you a taste of the variety of activities which characterise The English… pascal.ac.cy

Schools in the Northern Cyprus (officially, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) include: Necat British College, Kyrenia Necat British College, Nicosia Necat British Preschool, Nicosia The English School of Kyrenia

Most popular destinations #1 Limassol English schools (5) 4.3 (28 reviews) #2 Larnaca English schools (2) Cyprus Language School Ranking based on student ratings – 7 schools

Here is the list of 5 best English private schools Cyprus for international kids, teens and students.

More interesting questions on the issue

Are there English public schools in Cyprus?
Answer to this: There are British schools in all large cities of Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Pahos) that offer a full cycle of primary and secondary education. ThemajorityofBritishschoolsislocatedinLimassol.
How many English schools are there in Cyprus?
37 English schools listed for Cyprus.
What is the education system like in Cyprus?
The response is: Compulsory education: Compulsory education lasts for ten years and 4 months and extends from the age of 4 years and 8 months (pre-primary education) to the age of 15 years (end of lower secondary education). Free education: Public education is free for all students in the age range of 4 years and 8 months to 18 years.
What is the language of education in Cyprus?
As an answer to this: Greek
Primary and secondary education are mandatory in Cyprus. Attendance in the public sector schools is free for all classes from ages 5 to 18, and mandatory from ages 5 to 15. The language of instruction is Greek, while English is taught as a second language from first grade.
What is education like in Cyprus?
Education in Cyprus is mandatory for all children aged 5 to 15, and is separated into primary school, gymnasium and lyceum – secondary school is composed of the latter two levels. The language of instruction in public schools is Greek.
Are there private schools in Cyprus?
Private schools are present in all of the country’s larger cities (Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca), but the curriculum taught and the standard upheld in each institution varies considerably. Private schools in Cyprus can be costly, with tuition depending on the age of the child and the requirements of the school.
Does Cyprus have a School-Leaving Certificate?
The Cyprus school-leaving certificate, called the Apolyterion, does not always equate to certain levels of testing in the UK and the US, and students who wish to attend tertiary schools in these countries may need to sit for additional exams. ►For tips on finding the perfect home on the island, see Accommodation in Cyprus
How does special education work in Cyprus?
In Cyprus, special education policies favour inclusion and integration into mainstream schools as far as possible. The goal is for special needs students to attend mainstream classes, following the same curriculum as the other students with accommodations being made for their needs.
Does Cyprus have a public school?
Answer: Cyprus has state-sponsored education as well as private and international schools. The public and private systems are both open and accessible to expats, and parents usually decide between the two based on cost, language and curriculum.
How does special education work in Cyprus?
In Cyprus, special education policies favour inclusion and integration into mainstream schools as far as possible. The goal is for special needs students to attend mainstream classes, following the same curriculum as the other students with accommodations being made for their needs.
Where is Cyprus located?
The Island of Cyprus is at the crossroads of three continents, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Here you can find heritage from Europe, Asia, and Africa blended together to give Cyprus a distinctive charm.

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