What do you ask – can Greek Cypriots enter Turkey?

Yes, Greek Cypriots can enter Turkey with a valid passport or ID card.

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Yes, Greek Cypriots can enter Turkey with a valid passport or ID card. According to the website of the Embassy of Turkey in Nicosia, “Greek Cypriots can enter Turkey with a valid passport or ID card. In addition, Turkish Cypriots are entitled to a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) identity card which allows them to enter Turkey.”

It is worth noting that Turkey recognizes the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a separate state, while the rest of the world considers it a part of Cyprus.

Here are some interesting facts about the relationship between Cyprus and Turkey:

  • Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974, resulting in the division of the island into the Greek Cypriot-controlled south and the Turkish Cypriot-controlled north.

  • The self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is recognized only by Turkey, while the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus only controls the southern part of the island.

  • While diplomatic relations between Cyprus and Turkey remain strained, there has been some recent progress towards reconciliation. In February 2021, the two sides announced the resumption of talks on the Cyprus problem after a four-year hiatus.

Here is a table summarizing the entry requirements for Turkish citizens and Greek Cypriots:

Turkish Citizens Greek Cypriots
Passport Required Required
ID Card Not required Required
Visa Not required* Required

*Turkish citizens can enter Cyprus without a visa for up to 90 days, but this does not apply to the Greek Cypriot-controlled southern part of the island.

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Greek Cypriot Administration: Ordinary and official passport holders are required to have visa to enter Türkiye. Both official and ordinary passport holders may obtain their 30-day single-entry e-Visas via the website www.evisa.gov.tr.

Right now, Greek Cypriots can travel to Turkey, border officials issue a visa on a separate bit of paper. Greek Cypriots have been travelling from Ercan Airport and can travel now as a tourist to Turkey. It is legal and there are no obstacles at all.

Yes, visitors from Cyprus must apply for a Tourist e-Visa if they want to visit Turkey. Nonetheless, the document you need is completely online, meaning that you won’t have to visit the Cypriot embassy or consulate to apply.

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Can Greek Cypriots travel to Turkey? While Turkey e-Visa is valid for a duration of 180 days, Cypriot citizens can stay for upto 30 Days within the 180 day period. Turkey e-Visa is a Single Entry visa for Cypriot citizens.

Thereof, Can Greeks go to Turkey?
Answer to this: Greek citizens don’t need a passport or visa to enter Turkey and can travel between the two countries with their ID.

Regarding this, Which countries can enter Turkey without visa?
Visa Not Required Under Certain Conditions
While most visa-exempt citizens can travel to Turkey for business, citizens of the following countries can only enter Turkey visa-free for purposes of tourism: Albania, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mongolia, Norway, Qatar, Serbia, and the United Kingdom.

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Similarly one may ask, What countries can enter Turkey? The answer is: Turkey visa-free entry countries list

  • Albania.
  • Belarus.
  • Boznia and Herzegovina.
  • Georgia.
  • Kosovo.
  • Moldova.
  • Montenegro.
  • North Macedonia.

Do Turkish Cypriots participate in the government of Cyprus?
The Turkish Cypriots do not participate in the government with their assigned legislative seats remaining vacant. Currently, international bodies recognize the Republic of Cyprus (2/3 of the island) as the official government of Cyprus. Turkish Cypriots remain as the minority with control of 1/3 of Cyprus.

Why did Turkey intervene in Cyprus? Answer will be: July 20 of this year marks 43 years since the Turkish military intervention on the island of Cyprus. Turkey maintains that the move was in response to violence against Turkish Cypriots following the Greek Cypriot-led coup. More than four decades later, the crisis continues, and the island stands divided between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Considering this, What is the difference between Turkish and Greek Cypriots?
Response to this: The Greek Cypriots trace their roots to the Mycenaean Greeks while the Turkish Cypriots are descended from Ottoman settlers. Cyprus has a total population of almost one million, with 803,200 people in the Republic of Cyprus. The majority of the island’s population, 78%, is of Greek Cypriot ethnicity while 18% is Turkish Cypriot.

Thereof, Is Turkey invading the Greek Cypriot EEZ?
Answer will be: Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Mediterranean Sea holds natural gas, including the Aphrodite gas field discovered in 2011. Egypt, Lebanon and Israel all recognize the Greek Cypriot EEZ, but Turkey has been intruding in the area. Ankara has also threatened to mobilize its naval forces against Greece and the Republic of Cyprus.

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Can you visit Turkey with a Northern Cypriot passport?
Holders of an ordinary Northern Cypriot passport can visit one country ( Turkey) without the need to obtain an entry visa. The passport is accepted as a travel document by a limited number of countries because Northern Cyprus has limited international recognition. Usually, no visa is placed in the document.

Did Turkish Cypriots subvert Greece’s integrity? Response: The Greek Cypriot government, which is internationally recognised, announced the contentious decision on Monday, arguing that the actions of the targeted Turkish Cypriots subverted the country’s integrity.

Did Turkey occupy Cyprus?
Answer will be: The international community found this declaration invalid, on the ground that Turkey had occupied territory belonging to Cyprus and that the putative state was therefore an infringement on Cypriot sovereignty. ^ James Ker-Lindsay; Hubert Faustmann; Fiona Mullen (15 May 2011).

Also, How many Greek Cypriots were killed in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus?
As an answer to this: In the Turkish invasion and partition of Cyprus, 6,000 Greek Cypriots were killed and 2,000 reported missing, and some 1500 Turks and Turkish-Cypriots killed. ^ Καταλόγοι Ελληνοκυπρίων και Ελλαδιτών φονευθέντων κατά το Πραξικόπημα και την Τουρκική Εισβολή (in Greek). Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus.

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