Why do tourists go to cyprus?

Tourists go to Cyprus for its sunny beaches, rich history and culture, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

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Tourists go to Cyprus for much more than just its sunny beaches, rich history and culture, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. According to Lonely Planet, “Cyprus offers something for everyone, from beach lovers and clubbers to hikers, history buffs, and nature enthusiasts.” Here are some interesting facts about why tourists flock to this stunning island nation:

  • Cyprus has over 300 days of sunshine a year, making it an ideal destination for sun-seekers. Its beautiful beaches are some of the cleanest in Europe, and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea provide the perfect setting for water sports such as scuba diving and windsurfing.

  • The island’s rich history and culture dates back thousands of years and has been shaped by a variety of empires, from the Persians to the Venetians to the British. Visitors can explore ancient ruins and archaeological sites such as the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos and the ancient city of Salamis.

  • Cyprus is known for its delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, which features fresh seafood, olives, and vegetables, as well as local specialties like halloumi cheese and souvlaki. “Eating is not just about food, it’s about everything around it,” says local chef Diana Apostolides.

  • In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, Cyprus offers plenty of nightlife and entertainment options, including bustling bars and clubs in cities like Ayia Napa and Limassol.

  • For outdoor enthusiasts, Cyprus boasts a diverse landscape that includes mountains, forests, and nature reserves. Visitors can hike the Troodos Mountains, go bird watching in the Akamas Peninsula, or explore the Avakas Gorge.

Overall, Cyprus offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and modern amenities that attracts visitors from all over the world. As Lonely Planet notes, “it’s a small island with a big heart, where visitors are welcomed like old friends.”

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Reasons to Visit Cyprus
300 days of sunshine a year
Clean and beautiful beaches
Crystal clear waters for water sports
Rich history and culture
Ancient ruins and archaeological sites
Delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine
Local specialties like halloumi cheese and souvlaki
Nightlife and entertainment options
Diverse landscape
Troodos Mountains for hiking
Akamas Peninsula for bird watching
Avakas Gorge for exploring
Warm and welcoming locals

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Every year approximately two (2) million tourists visit Cyprus, either for vacations – because of the beautiful scenery, the "sweet" Mediterranean climate and the "gold" wonderful beaches -, or for tours – attracted by various archaeological foundings and kingdoms from different ancient periods in history.

Top 10 Reasons Why Visit Cyprus

  • 1) Clean beaches and clear sea water
  • 2) Cultural diversity
  • 3) Tasty traditional dishes
  • 4) “Ain’t no party like a Cyprus party”

By extending its season with the aim to welcome tourists all year round, Cyprus is promoting its mild and green winters with snow-capped peaks and its other lesser known attractions such as forests and mountain regions, its wine country and agritourism, as well as its many historical and religious sites.

11 Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus at Least Once in Your Lifetime

  • It’s a trip down history lane
  • The seaside offers all kinds of activities
  • It’s the most peaceful place on earth
  • There’s always a reason to celebrate

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Cyprus is a year-round travel destination with 326 days of sunshine per year and beautiful beaches all over the island. Tourists can also explore the Mediterranean forests, vibrant cities with nightlife, and enjoy delicious local food and drink, including halloumi cheese, souvlaki, and brandy sour cocktail. The island is also known for being the birthplace of Aphrodite and it is home to the oldest wine-making area in the world. Cyprus is considered to be one of the safest destinations in Europe and is easily explored due to its small size, making day trips more convenient.

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Herein, Why do people visit Cyprus? Answer to this: Cyprus is a delightful little island in the Mediterranean Sea and an absolutely wonderful travel destination. It’s actually the third largest island in the Mediterranean and it has a great mixture of beautiful beaches, history, and nature.

What type of tourists go to Cyprus?
Response will be: Over 80% of visitors come from Northern, Western, and Eastern Europe, with British tourists remaining the most numerous. Several factors contribute to this, including widely spoken English, as well as the history of British colonialism and the presence of British military bases at Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

What is Cyprus best known for?
Answer: Cyprus is famous for the Limassol carnival, Wreck diving (Zenobia wreck), Haloumi cheese and Commandaria, the sweet dessert wine from Cyprus. Background: Cypriot culture is among the oldest in the Mediterranean. The island fell successively under Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Roman domination.

Moreover, Who visits Cyprus the most?
the United Kingdom
In December 2022, arrivals from the United Kingdom were the main source of tourism for Cyprus, accounting for 24.3 per cent of total arrivals, with 26,708 Britons travelling to the island during this time.

Accordingly, Why should you visit Cyprus? Cyprus, also known as the playground of the gods in mythology, is a land of plenty. Her people are warm, and their friendliness rubs off on visitors. The sun shines almost every day of the year, and thebeautiful sandy beaches with clean watersmakes it a perfect destination. Moreover, there is a variety of unique and healthy cuisines to pick from.

Beside this, When is the best time to visit Cyprus?
Answer: For many people this makes Cyprus the ideal holiday destination all year round. If you prefer slightly cooler temperatures, then spring is the perfect time to visit, when the island is still sunny but not too hot.

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Beside this, Is Cyprus losing its tourism industry? Cyprus’ tourism industry is taking a huge hit from the lack of Russian and Ukrainian tourists, with an estimated loss of €600 million this year alone. Cyprus is one of the shortest flights from Russia to any Mediterranean holiday destination. This made it a popular destination with holidaymakers from both Russia and Ukraine.

In respect to this, Why do Turkish-Cypriots visit North Cyprus?
Answer: Turkish-Cypriots are known for theirlove of having a good time– a year in North Cyprus is a colourful festival -filled period, as the variety of events ensures that there is something for everyone.

Why is tourism important in Cyprus?
Tourism in Cyprus occupies a dominant position in the country’s economy, and has significantly impacted its culture and multicultural development throughout the years. In 2006, the tourism industry made up 10.7% of the country’s GDP and the total employment in the tourism industry was estimated at 113,000 jobs.

Is Cyprus a good place to visit? In terms of Tourism Infrastructure, in relation to the tourism industry Cyprus ranks 1st in the world. With some of the most popular and cleanest beaches in Europe, much of the tourist industry relies on "sea sun and sand" to attract tourists.

How many tourists visit Cyprus a year?
The response is: The total number of tourists in Cyprus for the 2018 season was 3.93 million. Most visitors arriving on a short-term basis were from the following countries: According to the World Economic Forum ‘s 2013 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, Cyprus’ tourism industry ranks 29th in the world in terms of overall competitiveness.

Keeping this in consideration, Why do Turkish-Cypriots visit North Cyprus?
Answer will be: Turkish-Cypriots are known for theirlove of having a good time– a year in North Cyprus is a colourful festival -filled period, as the variety of events ensures that there is something for everyone.

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